Sam Brockman

i’m an artist and designer
making it up as i go.


hand forged aluminum, ultra-light backpacking spoons w 1.8mm fluorescent reflective nylon lanyards

august 2023

6160 aluminum, nylon cordage

Make-Do Sink Chair

invited to make a chair in three days with materials pulled from the trash for the Make-Do show during NYC design week hosted by Marta Gallery and Catalog Sale

june 2023

sink, granny walker, misc hardware

Mahogany Chairs

collaborative work
w Pablo Borra-Paley

available for exhibition and purchase please email to enquire

march 2023 

mahogany, wood burning, oil finish


Exhibit Design

M’shinda Abdullah Broaddus MFA thesis show - Fayetteville AR

designed and fabricated structural elements to form a framework to display M’shinda’s large format paperworks and achieve as much volume and activation of the gallery as desired.


february 2023


Smiley Bench

comissioned work

february 2022

hand carved pine, maple, ash finished with milk paint and linseed oil

Log to Table

a dinner set and furniture collection made by hand from local materials from the ground up using techniques in touch with the environment and materials themselves.

may 2021

black walnut, black locust, pin oak, white ash, hard maple, ordovician clay

Snake Chair

a commissioned piece made from a tree i fell and aluminum i melted

july 2021

white ash, sand cast aluminum

Rhesus Monkey

i lead the construction of this project while working for future retrieval. i was tasked with scaling up a sculpture previously cast in porcelain and carving it out of wood. created from a scan of a taxidermic archive from the smithsonian


hard maple, aluminum leaf

shown @ cincinnati art museum in future retrieval’s solo exhibition “close parallels”

Steambent Lounge

a chair i designed and made for simone bodmer-turner. working off of reference images, i took her through the design process from sketching and modelmaking to ergonomic prototypes and a final production prototype. designed to go into production though, sadly, was never produced. 

december 2020 

steambent ash, cherry

Green Chair

made during the early days of the pandemic from the refuse left by con edison ripping open pits in the street to lay pipe for fracked gas. 

no north brooklyn pipeline

may 2020

hand carved
pine, house paint, polyurethane

Aizome Stool

woven from three lengths of cotton rope hand-dyed with aizome in the hills of fujino, japan.  cotton rope is a tool used in shibori but is never used in final products despite developing the same beautiful, rich, blue that the intended textiles and kimonos do.

november 2019

cotton rope, fermented indigo

shown at the group show, Speed Flat @ AXIS Gallery,
Roppongi, Tokyo

This Ain’t No God-Fearin’ Chair

forged in the fiery depths of a capitalistic, christcentric hell where work is play and personal fulfillment is pay “this ain’t no god-fearin’ chair” represents opposition to selling out, bending over, and losing one’s self in today’s zero-sum game. the watts of work put into these chairs are vast and not particularly lucrative, but why should that be the drive to work?

august 2019 

forged and brazed stee, hand carved pine

shown @ work is play group show

Porcelain Stool

wheel thrown out of cream cheese-like domestic porcelain.  the culmination of many years of throwing and love of furnture lead me to this cutie.
ta-da ︎︎

april 2019

wheel thrown porcelain, unglazed

shown @ Jonald Dudd 2019

PADA Collection

growing from the typology of a shop orientation chair and chinese craftsmen, this collection is an evolution of interpretation and misinterpretation.

january 2018 - Cincinnati/Jingdezhen, China

construction lumber, fastners, mystery hardwood, jute twine, checked luggage tag

Camera Crane

october 2018 

plywood, cordage, fastners, casters 

Clock 001

under the guidance of the British Horological Journal this clock was designed and fabricated utilizing as many processes as possible offered by the innovation center at the university of cincinnati.

april 2019 

aluminum, steel, bronze, acrylic, delrin, hdpe, baltic birch plywood, reflective roadsign, nylon cordage, concrete rubble

Shown @ ICFF 2019

Incense Burner

where my crosley heads at <3

december 2017


Chess Set

milled on a manual bridgeport the pieces range in weight from somewhat heavy to quite heavy. often found on the kitchen counter tenderizing chicken. 

august 2017 

mild steel

Thrown Bowl

i’ve thrown a lot of bowls but i like this one enough to make the homepage 

april 2019

overfired terracotta


designed for simone bodmer-turner as promotional material

december 2020